I’m off to Frankfurt Book Fair 2015!

I am off this evening to attend this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair! It’s been a rather last minute plan and decision, all thanks to the inimitable picture book veteran Shobha Vishwanath of Karadi Tales who planted the thought in my mind six days ago. Yes, you heard it, six days back.  Surely I can’t just get up and go without any planning or preparation, I balked at the suggestion, but a big part of me knew it right then that I could. A long and inspiring ‘Just do it!’ phone call happened with Shobha as a follow up reinforcement. Naturally, as you can imagine, from the moment of that first mention through the entire whirlwind process of making it happen, it’s been a series of exciting sleepless nights and zombie-d days and not a dull nano-second to spare! (I promise to attend to all emails and FB messages once I’m back.) It’s a bit insane, but then all the pickle yolks are born out of similar love and madness. J

I’m overwhelmed by the kind of last minute rock-solid support and understanding I’ve got from Ankit Agrawal of BookVook, from the super awesome super talented Rhuchi Mhasane and Soumya Menon who rose to the occasion and worked through the nights to hand me whatever they could of our forthcoming titles, and from my fire-fighter brother Abhishek Jha who was up at 5am on a Sunday morning (an absolute first for him, believe you me) to work on a layout; the way Mr Shashi Mohan Dwivedi, my contact point at Thomson Press has managed to get all these dummies and WIP printed in time. They had an even shorter 2-day notice, because that’s when I was finally clear in my mind that I was going.

There’s only so much one can drive home about the indispensability of having invaluable sounding boards in life. Here’s to the hours of deliberation and thinking aloud (yes, a better part of the last five days was spent this way) with my mightily amused friend-philosopher-guides Sangeeta Mehta Bhansali of Kahani Tree and Shobit Arya of Wisdom Tree. And of course, my husband who, with his unmistakable unflinching calmness, made it so so easy for me to ultimately decide by saying, ‘When in doubt whether to eat not eat, don’t eat; when in doubt whether to go not go, GO.’ Whatever would I do without him?!

So here I am. All packed and ready to go with some exciting soft-boiled and hard-boiled pickle yolks. I’ll probably never ever dream of going to a behemoth, this or another, without a set of goals or a clearly chalked out agenda. But this time, just this time, I am ready to sniff about and soak in and be swamped by the whispers in the aisles! Wish me hours and hours of unhindered learning and absorbing the fascinating ways of the kidlit world at the mega busy, mega happening, mega mighty Frankfurt Book Fair 2015.

And with an 8 degrees max out there this week, I get to bring out my boots earlier than usual. 😀


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