The Unboy Boy goes to NutSpace!

The Unboy Boy goes to NutSpace!

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I am an ardent admirer of Rohini Vij and her crazily creative gang at NutSpace! So it is a matter of sheer delight that ‘The Unboy Boy’ got picked up as one of the books for their 5-day workshop recently. In their words:

“5 Days and 5 Fabulous books came alive. It was such joy to see the participants literally devour books. They read, explored, touched, smelt, soaked five handpicked books in this unique workshop.

There was so much more that happened. Participants practised 21st century skills by collaborating, being creative, communicating, thhinking critically and sharpening their confidence.”

NutSpace, I love you! Here are some pics of the little ones engaging with ‘The Unboy Boy’:

img-20161213-wa0015 img-20161213-wa0011 img-20161213-wa0010 img-20161213-wa0009 img-20161213-wa0008